About Us

It all started with a vivid dream in early 2010. The dream, or memory I should say, reminded me of a time years ago when I explored the hives at an apiary near my childhood home in New Jersey.

I immediately woke my wife in the middle of the night and explained to her why I thought this meant we should become urban beekeepers. While slightly confused and more than a little worried at first, she finally accepted the idea and soon after we were managing several colonies in the District of Columbia.

What initially started for the purpose of learning about bees and ways in which our family could become more self-sustainable, quickly turned into something more. News spread of our urban hives and neighbors began requesting our artisanal honey. It was at that time we saw the opportunity to offer our local Washington, DC honey in its most pure and raw form while sharing our passion, respect and appreciation for honey bees and what they do. Capital Honey Company LLC was born.

Our Colonies and Bees


The number of Capital Honey Company's colonies expanded significantly in the spring of 2012 and now includes anywhere between 15 and 20 hives. Our apiaries are all located within the District and are situated on a commercial rooftop and green pockets of land. We take great care to ensure the safety and well-being of our bees and those who live around them. We practice a calm and peaceful approach to beekeeping, and employ careful methods so that no harmful practices or treatments interfere with the excellent quality of our honey or the health of our honeybees.

We work mainly with Italian honey bees, but also have several hives with Carniola/Russian honey Bees. These particular breeds are known for their comparable gentleness and excellent honey and comb production. Through selective breeding, integrated pest management, and the use of alternative non-chemical treatments, we work hard to create an apiary management system designed to eliminate sources of contamination to our products and honeybees.

Meet the Family


Capital Honey Company is a small family run sustainability-focused urban beekeeping operation. The four of us – my wonderful wife Yulia, our daughter Sofia, son Timothy and myself – all participate with company activities in some way. Since our honey is not mass produced, but rather, handcrafted from our bees and family directly, you can be certain it is all natural, 100% pure, and of the highest quality. We look forward to supplying you with wonderfully sweet and locally produced honey soon and hope you will enjoy every step with us along the way.

Bee Well,

Ray Von Culin

Our Mission

The mission of Capital Honey Company is to promote the art of urban beekeeping, make the finest all natural honey available to everyone in Washington, DC, and to practice sustainable urban beekeeping methods that protect and nurture the environment.

Our Partners

Grassroots Gourmet

104 Rhode Island Ave NW
Washington, DC 20001

We're bottling the honey at Grassroots Gourmet in Bloomingdale. A locally owned bakery, they offer freshly-baked sweet breakfast items, muffins, cookies and mini-pies complimented by locally roasted coffee brewed on site.

Metropolitain Baking Company

2240 25TH PL NE
Washington, DC 20018

Metropolitain Baking is hosting most of our hives. This wholesale baking company has crafted the finest premium bread products in the Washington, DC area for over 10 years.

Earth Conservation Corps

Earth Conservation Corps

2000 Half ST. SW
Washington, DC 20024

Capital Honey has also partnered with Earth Conservation Corps, a nonprofit youth development and environmental service organization, to provide work training and education based internship opportunities.


Earth Conservation Corps

The Morris Law Firm, LLC

4833 Rugby Avenue, Suite 400
Bethesda, Maryland 20814

Sean T. Morris is the principle attorney in the firm and has worked closely with us by providing small business counseling services. As part of our team, he has been integral in helping us build and maintain our business through his knowledge and experience with regulatory, food, beverage and restaurant laws.